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WB Construction is a existing company, founded in 1964, and is well known for it's quality products. Our unique designs and specialized equipment gaurantee maximum success rate for your specific conditions.
We are famous for our "Bushman jig", the most accurate jig found for the recovery of diamonds.
Large quantities of our equipment are already in use for many years in various countries, e.g. Liberia, Central Africa, Congo, Sierra-Leone, Mozambique and South Africa.
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Schweizer Reneke, North-West, South-Africa
People form the cornerstone of WB Construction’s successes and the ongoing development of the potential of individuals within the company remains fundamental to the company’s continued sustainability. The company has made it a policy to recruit, develop and motivate only the best and brightest individuals; individuals who demonstrate professional competence, innovation, courage and integrity.
1.)  Repairs : Agriculture and mining equipment. 2.)  Manufacturing : Agriculture and mining equipment. 3.)  Dealers of all types of steel : A-grade and B-grade. 4.)  Suppliers of gas (Afrox) – Replace and refill. 5.)  Turning,drilling and milling. 6.)  Make and repair hydraulic pipes. 7.)  Repair motors and pumps. 8.)  Cut,bend and roll plates. 9.)  Manufacturing and construction of all steel structures. 10.) Second Hand mining equipment.
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